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Products - Residential construction - Trapezoidal profiles

This effective, fast and easy to assembly material for walling and roofing covering is successful mostly in commercial objects construction. Balex Metal offer includes different kinds of trapezoidal sheets, which in terms of characteristic features gained in production process can be used as: walling, roofing and construction elements or in case of universal covering can join all the features. Made of sheets which tightness is: from 0,50 up to 1,25 mm and maximum length of 18 m. Thanks to the colouring palette there is a possibility of ideal match of elevation and roof cover colouring of a building with its surrounding and Client’s requirements.

Trapezoidal profiles: elevation construction
Coatings: metalic organic metalic; organic
Thickness: 0,50 mm; 0,70 mm 0,50 mm; 0,60 mm; 0,70 mm 0,75 mm; 0,88 mm; 1,00 mm; 1,25 mm
Coatings: aluzink Z275 + Easyfilm™ galvanized polyester, polyester mat, HPS200, PVC(F), PVDF galvanized, galvanized + polyester 15 μm
Material: S280GD + Z275
Lenght: client’s requirement
Max. lenght of sheet: depends on profile 18 m

Special finishes of metalic coatings:

  • DR!PSTOP – optional anti-liquefying layer in BTD 35, BTD 45, BTD 55 profiles
  • Easyfilm™ - environment friendly, thin organical layer (without chrome, EU directives compliant) which protects aluzink coating against discoloration
  • Profil akustyczny - optional perforation of the metal sheet (offered for profiles: BTR 50, BTR 60, BTR 85, BTR 93, BTR 135, BTR 153, BTR 160)
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