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Products - Commercial construction - Sandwich panels

Energy Safe Construction investment is important enterprise – quality, economy and aesthetics, that’s what count the most. Considering this, we created 3 product lines:

  • BALEXTHERM-PU – sandwich panels in metal plates with polyurethane core
  • BALEXTHERM-MW – sandwich panels in metal plates with mineral wool core
  • PWS/PWD – sandwich panels in metal plates with styrofoam core.

During the designing process, we focused especially on achieving the best parameters of use –Modern technology and special attention to quality of every production stage, has helped to achieve the best parameters.


Portfolio consists of wall and roof sandwiches for light construction of industry halls, warehouses, logistic centers, commercial buildings, offices, sport halls as well as rural buildings. In addition we offer dedicated sandwich panels for food cold stores.

High quality
Stop Fire
Superior Gasket
  • high quality steel: S250GD – S280GD+Z275; stainless steel (1.4301)
  • core made of rigid polyurethane foam: density 40 (+/-3) kg/m³ , hard mineral wool 110 kg/m³ or self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene with improved strength properties – density 16,2 kg/m³
  • FIRESAFE - the best fire-tightness parameter on the market achieved thanks to unique, both-sided shape of the panel-and-lock joint EI240 for BALEXTHERM-MW-W-ST, EI60 for BALEXTHERM-MW-W-PLUS , E30 for BALEXTHERM-PU-W-PLUS and PWD, E60 for BALEXTHERM-PU-W-ST and PWS, and for BALEXTHERM-PU-R even RE60; product classified as „NRO” – „Not spreading fire"
  • SUPERIOR GASKET – maximum tightness of the joint and easier assembly of BALEXTHERM-MW mineral wool core sandwich panels owing to application during the production process of an EPDM gasket in internal or both sides of the joint - NEW!
  • galvanized steel and additional coatings provide solid protection against corrosion (C5 class)
  • eco-friendly freon free production process – prevents ozone layer from destruction
  • proper technical approvals and certificates
  • BALEXTHERM panels were registered to Patent Office – registration numbers: P 358878, P 353975
  • sandwich panels are more cost efficient than traditional techniques of roof and wall construction
  • using BALEXTHERM sandwich panels speeds up implementation
  • light weight and high mechanical durability mean less construction cost
  • transport cost is smaller compared to traditional materials
  • perfect isolation attributes – thermal and sound-proof – allow to build only one layer (wall and roof)
  • variety of facing profiles as well as the biggest choice of colors assure elegant look of buildings and make individual solutions possible
  • coatings, which are being used, protect panels against moss, lichens and other dirt on wall and roof and make cleaning easier
  • wide palette of Balex Metal World of Colors
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