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Products - Commercial construction - Modular ZET hall

The compound of Balex Metal includes finished and checked regarding funcionality and assembly complete prefabricated halls constructions for assembling on a building site without special equipment. Our hall structures are based on prefabricated steel elements, which are not heavier than 115 kg. The hall framework, which may be located on earlier prepared spot footings, strip or slab foundations, consists of girders and pales made of galvanized Z-profiles joined with screws. Individual hall elements are protected by an anticorrosive zinc layer. If the Zet-hall is designed as a wind-shelter, the traditional enclosure made of single trapezoidal sheet may be used, However when the object insulation is required, light enclosure system will be the best solution , made from sandwich panel or sheet metal - wool sheet, metal enclosure. Using structures produced by Balex Metal you may build halls of 6 to 18 m wide, from 4,6 m high and of different lengths.

Functions: Usage: Characteristics:
  • Elevation construction
  • Dividers construction
  • Wall girders
  • Roof purlins
  • Production halls
  • Industrial halls
  • Commercial halls
  • Ware houses, stock rooms
  • Sport halls
  • Office
  • Wall girders span: 1.18 m
  • Roof purlins span: 1.19 m
  • Framework structure:
    • cold bent sections ZET joined in multibranch elements with lacings
    • beams joining with systems steel fasteners
    • construction material: cold bent Z-profiles made of galvanized tape
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